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Don’t settle for “Normal”

As a bowling proprietor, are you satisfied with “normal”? The definition and synonyms of “normal” point to why we should spend less time chasing the “normal” route and attempting to achieve the “normal” outcomes. “nor-mal” | conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected.  Synonyms: usual, standard, ordinary customary, conventional, habitual, accustomed. Noun the usual, average or typical state or condition. Habitual. Conventional. Ordinary. In other words? Boring. Those synonyms of “normal” are precisely why we, in this industry, have to be on guard against falling into the trap of pursuing the “normal....

Maximizing Digital Marketing

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! On this three-day weekend, we are doing a special blog post on how to make sure your marketing program is ready for the new year. Like everything else in the bowling industry, marketing has changed over the past few decades. Today’s marketing in our industry has made as many changes as other aspects of this dynamic industry. Consider, for example, just a few of the transformative changes we have seen in our bowling centers over the last several years. Lane surfaces have gone from wood lanes to high tech synthetic lanes, stack chairs have been replaced with plush couches and seating, scoring systems have become ...

A New Kind of Blog, with Bowling Proprietors and Managers in Mind

Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to bowling center proprietorship or you’ve been managing bowling centers for decades, chances are that you would benefit from resources and ideas for how to take your center (or centers) to a new level. Ten Pin Marketing is known for its unique digital marketing designed for family entertainment and bowling centers. And today, we are launching a new feature – a blog with frequent posts about how to achieve even greater success in this industry. As a lifelong bowling center enthusiast and decades-long proprietor, I will provide insights into how this industry has changed, how to introduce new ...

Social Media Isn’t Just For Kids

As Millennials get older, so do the tools they use to communicate with each other. In today's world, those tools are vital for any establishment's success. To make it more complicated, you need to have people know about your online presence. You can have a great Facebook page and post stellar website content, but without an audience no one will know you're out there. Basically, you could have your microphone but have no one around to hear you perform.

Why Redesign Your Website?

Gone are the days when the website was the last thing to do. Nowadays, websites are more than flyers but information hubs that interact with your organization’s social media channels. They act as the foundation for your multimedia marketing plan, connecting your customers to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, EventBrite and more. And, without the right kind of website you can run into problems reaching those customers. Websites that are not compatible with smartphones, the ones that users cannot easily navigate on the iPhone or Android phone, see less traffic and fewer instances of appearing towards the top of Internet searches. Find out how Ten ...

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