Web Development

Gone are the days when the website was the last thing to do. Nowadays, websites are more than flyers but information hubs that interact with your organization’s social media channels. Ten Pin Marketing has a team of experts who are ready and willing to build the integrated digital platform to leverage all of your media channels.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Create, manage and monitor your social media channels. We not only create your pages but also highly-engaging content to interact with your target audience. We will also report on the success your pages are having. But, you can have a great page and post stellar content, but without an audience no one will know you're out there. We will market your channels to build an audience that will want to engage, both online and off.

Email Marketing

This goes beyond a simple email. This is a fully-functioning dynamic email campaign targeting specific individuals to boost your audience.

Video Ads

Launching a local advertising campaign, beginning a new activity for your center, highlighting kids birthday parties, or open bowling specials can all be more effective with the right web video. Ten Pin Bowling can help spread your message, gain new supporters and boost your name ID by helping you create smart and compelling web videos.

Online Advertising

There is a massive digital world outside of Facebook and Twitter. We can help you reach out to them through targeted advertising campaigns.