Curb appeal is real

Want an easy way to grow your business? Take a step outside and take stock of what prospective customers see.

There is a lot to say about curb appeal. The exterior defines the interior. And yes, prospective clients are judging the book by the cover, so to speak.

With springtime just around the corner, now is the ideal time to get a jumpstart on your spring cleaning.

You may be surprised to learn that enhancing your curb appeal will not require an endless supply of cash. In fact, the majority of the curb appeal projects only require a little elbow grease and a small portion of your normal maintenance/cleaning budget.

Follow these simple steps to create an appealing exterior for your center.

First, check your signage. Are all the bulbs lighting up? Are all the changeable letters in place and straight? Finally, is the base of the sign clean, painted, and free of weeds?

Next, take stock of the yard. For those of you in areas with lots of snow this past winter, the springtime will show areas of your property that need some post-winter improvements.  Be sure to check all of the grassy areas, shrubbery, and sidewalks around the parking lot.

Your parking lot also speaks volumes about the center. Be sure all lights in the parking lot work. Upgrade to brighter lights, if possible. Now is a great time to check out LED lights. As you look at your parking lot, evaluate the curbing and parking spots. Are there weeds in the parking lot? What about potholes? Check the overall integrity of the parking lot’s surface, too.

Next up on your list are the entrances and front doors. Check all lighting in your entryway. Dark entryways are a major turnoff! Check the aluminum and paint on the entry doors (both exterior and interior). Shine and touch up the paint, if needed.

Check the exterior corners of doors and window sills. It is amazing how much debris can gather in these areas. Sweep these areas. Make sure the signage on windows is current and in good order. And be sure to remove leftover tape marks.  These may seem like such little details, but they make a big (negative!) impression if not done properly.

There is a good reason why highly successful chains invest in their curb appeal: what’s on the outside gives potential customers a glimpse of what’s likely inside.

I highly recommend putting together a series of scheduled tasks to ensure your property always has great curb appeal.

Your for Better Bowling,

Jim Nyhan